The beach


The golden cornflakes sand crumbled as I walked across the beautiful beache. I can feel the warm salty wind brushing against my cheek.Somewhere in the distance I can hear the cries of seagulls cracking jokes at the human world.The gentle swish of the tide tickling me and running away from me as if we are playing tag. I can sea the pearly white seashells glistening in soft evening sunlight. The sky is blazing with different shades of red,orange and yellow.It looked like asif the gods are playing Holi. The sweet aroma of fish being cooked by the fisherman’s wife and the gentle crackel of fire.The suntanned fisherman coming after a long day’s work. The coconut leaves waving goodbye to the sun and welcoming the starry night.

An elderly couple, just a couple of feet away from me, look lost into the sea. There was something in the eyes of the couple it was a mystery to me than. They were filled with love, joy , happiness and sadness all there years of memories treasured in there eyes.

The sun gently kissed tranquil waters and melted into the sea. My favourite double chocolate ice-cream melts as I stare spellbound into the magic of the evening.

©G V Raghavasree

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    1. dessertflower5 says:

      Thankyou so much for taking time and reading my work. It means a lot😊

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        1. dessertflower5 says:


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  1. Rainyshadows says:

    oh I miss the besant nagar beach in chennai. We used to go there like every weekend. Beautiful memories.

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    1. dessertflower5 says:

      Glad to jog your memory☺✌


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