Let me tell you a story

Of a same boy with the same name

Over again and again

When the sunny skies turned grey

The birds flocked away

In this cruel world

Every one called him a big boy

In hands of time nothing but a toy

A graduate dieing everyday

A debt that need to be payed

Dreams abandoned for responsibilities

Of all the common possibilities

The world beneath his feet

Unable to handle this competitive heat

Fears rolling the tears out

Penny less and broke but

Who is he trying to convince?

Grams of his heart lost to wrong girl

Stripped him from truth

Between family and friends ego has built the barrier

What is he fighting for?

No one knows

Long days with incomplete nights

Silence that manipulated his mind

Than they say he was a happy guy

He didn’t deserve this

He did so much but the world turned blind

Everyone saw the scars in progress

But no one understood the wounds never healed

Trapped in the never ending valley of depression

Living the edge of breaking apart

He didn’t know what went wrong

Days seemed to kill him inside out

Untill his last breath sold to death

Until his blood flooded the apartment floor

Story of a boy left incomplete…

©G V Raghavasree