More than just a drawing, painting or colours on a peice of material. It’s a relationship between the artist and his or her feelings complied for this blind world to see.

It is a medium of life for me. It’s a figure of expression. It’s a one of few fields that gives you the freedom of complete expression of thought on any subject. It’s a skill of the hand which can only be mastered though years of pratice not bought over night.

Art is the essence of our daily life. We fail to notice it and appreciate it’s effect on our lives. The different vibrant colours painted in our houses creates a personality and uniqueness. The way we go splash money over brands. These big end brands play with texture,colour, style and embroidery which is a all together is a art.

Art is more than just that painting on the wall. It speaks a hidden stories that eyes can read and speaks to the sole, creates thinkers and a language free barrier .

Artist are never given the credits to what they deserve when they are actually breathing. There art is the only thing that lives on when a artist dies and goes on to sell millions. The saddest cost of turning the plain to extraordinary.

A thought for you to think. A good day

©G.V Raghavasree