Career Girl

She is a geek

A workaholic

Doesn’t know how to party they say

Shy inovert sort of rare specimen

Belonged in the ancient silence of red data libraries

Head buried shoulder deep in books

Uncontrollable nor can be tamed

Her weird ways to a misinterpreted life

In these cages which we call skull

This curiosity overflows

No one knows who she was or turning herself into

Yet, these drumming thoughts are pricey

For someone who sold her youth to books

Wild and unthinkable may be her harsh decisions

To get to a point

Where no man can say you are a burden to my shoulders

Different may this sound

For a medical student

Who doesn’t believe in God but prays for her parents

Haha the bitter irony of tight slap

Seems surprising and rather odd

But this science and spritual misgony is unexplainable

In the eyes of pratical reality

Daily she surprises me and surpasses me in every way possible

Looking up at the sky after years of sleepless nights

Overcoming roadblocks in this sadist bend of life’s longest highway

You might mistake her

For enjoying the view

Who knew she was searching

The unexplored horizon of uncertainty

Maybe yet a another challenge or two

With a prefix and suffix she stands tall

You may now call her


I can proudly call that girl was me

© G. V Raghavasree