Who is the Higher Specimen?

Being a women itself is a battle with the every curve ball thrown at our faces. The way we are emotionally moved and manipulated and the effect of it on our bodies.

The way our body becomes force of nature as it hits puberty bar and our innocence is at the peak of end of sale season. Our flat chests bulging like buds of flower. Our hips get rounder. Every girl has to  go through the the shock of first period alert. Panties stained in blood to ruining our favorite white jeans to crime scene on the bed sheet covers. Yes boys and gentle men, you know what’s more horrifying is the bloody world war three happening in our vaginas. And the pain is next level. During these red times, a cold or fever are the worst especially in the winters. The thought of this leaking red paint when ever we bend or whatever we sit. Get ready for a gruesome ride. Imagine having stomach cramps a simple sneeze becomes a volcano eruption of warm , googy, blood coming out . And the worst part is you can feel it all happening inside you but we have to a smiling face and suck it up and get on with everyday life..All the sudden change forced on us.

So called eyes of other gender checking us out irrespective of the age sends shivers down our spine as if we are some sort of there prey. We try to act it cool but deep down we are scared. As teenage hits we are catcalled, body shamed and put into boxes. Yes the boxes of “busty”, “skinny” , “sexy” and “fat”.

This is the reality of every month cycle with our hormones rageing . Pregnancy is a another out of this planet subject for men. We sacrifice our bodies while being pregnant. And it ends up taking quite some time before we regain our prepregancy figure.

Sometimes I think why does only girls have bear the tourture of period pain and getting pregnant and menopause. Why can’t the so called the prevelaged male gender not gifted with such unique anatomy to support life. Why only a female? Why God or so called evolution did not make human hetrosexual with both set of reproductive systems? Did god to injustice or to prove that women are the higher species in herachy of of mankind. I don’t know what do you think?