Pick up line

I am a knight in shining tux and leather shoes

In this mesery of life

Will you rescue me

Take my hand my dearest

Why do you burn my sole

You set my body on fire in ways you can’t imagine

Please capture me with your cold graces

With thy your tender lips

Until our bodies grind in motion

Until the sounds our moans rhyme for each other

Show me the universe through your eyes

In ways I fail to notice

Till they bleed with passion

And melt into one love song

I swear I will cradle you in my arms

In ways a poet nourishes his words

With your feet wrapped round me

Like a pen round my fingers

Let our imagination run wild

In the sheets of my bedroom

With the sweet aroma of yesterday night

Creating our own senual battles every day

With emotions between two bodies as a one

My hands on the cresent of your waste

As I want to spend the rest of my life

In the galaxies of two mysterious eyes

Because these are the only worlds I want to be in

Locked in your attention and love

Will you be the lucky one?

Hmm give me some time my sweet husband…

©G V Raghavasree