Sugercoated truth

I can’t articulate my life
Is this world too good for me?
Or am I too good for this world
What is this lie?
Why am I trying to convince myself?

In this unfortunate threshold
Turning up at that line
On a reapeated descipline
Over again and again
In search of hope

I am cold and shamed
Stripped naked to emotions
In a crowded juction
All out of faith
Running dry on inspiration

I am officially torn apart
In ways you fail to understand
Trying to be my own Prince charming
Never depend on anyone
Was the Moto behind this lockdow

Attachments have always back fired
Left me to utter disappointments
No possible word combination
Can express the turmoil in me
Punishing me over others incapabilities

Learning to grow from all this
Values of carrying the responsibilities
Matured me at the cost of innocence
Trained in a narrow valley of failures
Trying to find the will to keep going
Is far the hardest

Watch me rise from shadows
To front page news
I was born to create history
The catapult had been loaded
For me to aim high
The power in me is raining thunderstorms…

Let the games officially begin

© G.V Raghavasree