Rebel in white coat

Probably today was the day that I was most religiously hard on myself. Congratulations life, I am living proof that I can deal with what ever you throw at my face . Today I sent self sympathy in the eyes of holder a goodbye.

Since two days I could barely get enough sleep. Yesterday has to be a one hell of a roll a coster night. My body begging me for rest. I could not resent myself from my goals.

I had patient coming in today I would have probably bailed for the day in the safe hands on my bed.” But ” is a part of my life. Lol. I felt the insides in my stomach do a merry go round twist. Oh shit diarrhoea out of the back door early in the morning. I felt dizzy and was not in the mood for breakfast. I knew if I don’t eat anything now I would be hooked up in patient work and had to deal with tauts from the other side of the phone.

I drank a glass of milk and had biscuits. Two hours of lecture my mind was running around my stomach song. Still holding it in there. At 10:50 patient came I put on my tough face on. Somehow managed to get to Hostle to collect the required instruments for treatment. I ran to college.

My partner got the equipment ready and ready to rock and roll. She dealt with the patient while I made the required corrections. My state became worse. My stomach paining and I felt dizzy again. I could feel my stomach contract. The acidic smell I could feel it. I am going to vomit.

I ran out of department still wearing my gloves. Ran to the nearest bathroom and pucked my heart out. I washed my face and flushed my mouth with water so that on one will know. The strong bitter taste I had to deal with for the entire day. Oh man.

Threw my gloves in the bin and ran back to department as if nothing happened. Thank God my teacher didn’t notice I left the patient in between treatment. My partner managed it. I wore new pair of gloves and mouth mask. Did the entire work standing for 2 hours straight without thinking of the stomach pain nor that I am going to collapse any second. Holding it in there.

Successful completed patient work and ended up running to lab to do the required next steps. Gave the patient the next appointment with a Colgate smile. The thankyou in the patient eyes gave made me forget the entire pain and the state of my body.

Back to lab to finish off the pending work and vola the day ended.

It left me tired and sick but made me value my white coat more than ever and my will power grew stronger.

Doctors sacrifice so much in order to remove the pain from the patient. Just so that healing will take place. We do it at the cost of sleep, starving stomachs, even at the cost of ones health. We are not God’s but we aid in healing. It’s our profession and I respect that with all my heart

P.s – today I found out a day on empty stomach filled with vomiting eating warm bread with honey is heaven.

If you guys know any remedies let me know peeps.

© G V Raghavasree

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  1. Your blog is an exemplary one with the most interesting and inspiring thoughts and words. It is quite exceptional!

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    1. dessertflower5 says:

      Thankyou so much man for your kind words. I simply can’t say my gratitude in words. Thankyou so much for your observations. Your blog surpasses mine in talent and creativity. Keep blogging ✌🌸

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My sincerest pleasure. And, you’re always welcome. Thank you so very much for your kind words. Blessings.

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        1. dessertflower5 says:

          The pleasure is all mine 🌸

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