Outcasted Society of Geekology

Life is not a tango nor a salsa

Probably the hardest dance to master

Learning each and every minute step

Even to the last detail

Finding the balance of situations

After every fall and every turn of mistakes

Go with the flow

Learn and on to the next

It’s about the small things

Observe them carefully

Even the most perfect circle

Has to come to same stop where it started

Even the desirable moon

That we envy every night

Has voids and pores when looked upon

In order for the river to flow

It must first cut through through it’s insecurities and doubts

The preetiest flowers are plucked first

And left withered to die

So be a cactus surrounded by thorns and imperfections

A independent baddass in the times of sand

And bloom when everyone least expect it

Until than bear the situations in mind

You are a dessert flower in the process of blooming

Straight trees are cut first they say

As everyone knows the crooked trees are of no use at the end of the day

Embrace your self

We are not meant to trampled on

It’s ok to suffer in silence without a shoulder to cry on

Because everyone is a diamond in the rough but only a few are polished into gems

What matters is that you know your value and willing to prove yourself…

© G. V Raghavasree