The Boyfriend Machine

Just imagine a vending machine for assorted flavoured boyfriend of your taste. Choose the characters and get a boyfriend according to your taste and requirements.

Tall,thin, muscular,handsome you name it. Spanish or Italian features. Let your imagination run wild. The type of character and talents you can choose according to your expectations. The language they speak.

Everything under the touch of a button. And how about a scrap boyfriend yard for all the used old out of service boyfriends. Lol when you think about it ladies šŸ˜‰.

I don’t believe in love stories especially in a generation of fast life. We want fast results without any output. Where everyone is running like robots after career, buisness and opportunities do we have time to invest in preety boys? We replace our smart phones with latest models.

How can I expect someone to be tied up to a person there whole life without the feeling for a change. We are 21th century citizens living our suffusticated life’s under the motto of change and new behind every corner.

So as the Valentine’s week is round the corner. I thought a boyfriend machine was appropriate.šŸ˜‚šŸ˜

No pun intended to all the lovers out there. Just a small abrasct of my thought.

Let me know what you thought and what type of boyfriend would you like??….