More than just a son

Let me tell you not just a story but the actual life event of my very dear friend Dennis.

From not just being the school house captain to football player maniac and to a drummer boy in a band.

But no one sees the hidden scars locked to his heart. He was a damaged goods stuck in unchangeable circumstances.

His mother a women of overdose of softness who thought she couldn’t stand on her own feet. Because she had her husband until the day he left her for a younger women with finer body and maybe a stable bank account.She learned to claw herself into crawling, standing , taking her first step and turning it into a stride with pride as a single working mother of a 5 year old.

She never craved for the pretty luxuries when her heart burned in the flames of lone wolf as she saved every penny for her son . His mother was dangerous when hurt. When she had the potential to destroy everything but she chose to destroy herself everyday and hid the pain from her son. She became his strongest pillar not only as a mother but a best father he could ever have or hope for.

As a kid he observed other women complain that his mother was a unfit wife as she could not keep her man in her clutches ended up losing him for a better women. But when everyone saw her as a weak women but he saw her true potential as a  superhero every day turning the misgony into a inspiration.

He felt his blood boil when men cat called his mother in front of him. How they mocked her and her faith . Never did she answer back but walked away with her head held high. Dennis spent sleepless nights thinking he was a curse to his mother as he knew he will always be reminding her of a wound that never healed.

When he was 16 years old he couldn’t take it no more. He made up his mind to find the love of his mother’s life. First he had to kill his ego before even the thought of convincing her. With  the help of a close family friend he arranged a date for his mother.

He took her out for dinner and introduced her to her new date. She was so against the idea of a new man at 38 years. She protested how she can trust a man again after what she has been through and how she can leave her child. Dennis said if she doesn’t marry than he will run away from home. He said he couldn’t stand her loneliness no more. He saw all his life his mother being independent and he knew that emotionally she has been killing herself everyday in the thoughts of the past. Everyday she puts on the mask of a happy face but he knew she had cried herself to sleep every night for the last 11 years.

He knew that introducing someone new to his mother’s life will cost him more. What choice did he leave to his mother. She was stubborn but it turned out her son was worse than her. He kept pestering her for 4 months. She finally gave in.

The every next day after he got his mother married off he had to keep to his word with his step father that he would leave the house at the age of 16. His tuition fees were paid by his mother but he wanted to be independent so after school every day he used to give tutions inorder to pay his side expenses. Afterwards he used to go to band practice till 10 at night and afterwards coming to room with a empty stomach forced to study with whatever energy left from the day. This was his daily ritual for 2 years. His drilled all his pain into playing drums in his band.

His band won the clash of bands competition. And with the money he paid his own college fees and now he is happily working. His mother is happiest than he has ever seen in his life.

At the age of 16 where one is unsure what he or she wants to be in future but he gave a new life to Mother. Went against the society for his mother’s happiness. It cost him a emotional turmoil but he beared it all and even went against the society for his mother.

Growing up with a single mother is rough on both the mother and the child. In this battle where one refuses to give up nor be a victim to the errors of reality. He was barely able to keep his head above waters at a confused age, adernaline rage, teen peer pressure and studies.

He grew not only as a man but as a human, friend and more importantly a more than just a son who changed his mother

©G.V Raghavasree