These preety little creatures.
Belong in sacred walls of shopping malls and bedrooms
Child bearing human machines
Emotionally driven and manipulated.

Unreasonable and irrational
Beyond thought provoking arrugment
Hidden at the back of the head
Stocked up and loaded
Ready to fire away at target
Whatever may be the topic
Get prepared to say sorry
Lol the perks of being women
Monthly battles and mood swings
But still she has to work equally
As her health and maternal status is comprehended
But are we failing to observe that modern working women are working more under the name of equality for job that pay more to a guy who does the same job with same education status.
Lol women , lol women
I pity our gender of  birth
21th century fails to notice
What we are and we can be
Don’t you think so dear men of so called society?

© G.V Raghavasree