Peer Pressure or Love

Our generation are under constant pressure – pressure to perform academically, to become their own independent version of their parents or guardians, and to deal with the hormonal, physical ,emotional and financial changes affecting us daily. On top of all that, youth are also under constant scrutiny from their classmates, and are often subject to mounting pressure to fit in or to do things that earn them approval from their peers. Ultimately leading to depression and other mental health issues.

Everyone feels pressure to fit into the society of friends. High school and college years are notorious for being filled with different cliques and groups that often define themselves through certain behaviors and by assigning them into social hierarchy pyramid . Hey survival of the fittest they say. Thx to Darwin theory.  In order to fit into these boxes, youth often feel pressured to change things about themselves, or to pretend that they are someone different than who they actually are.

According to neuroscientist John Cacioppo, who has made a career out of studying loneliness, “The absence of social connection triggers the same, primal alarm bells as hunger, thirst and physical pain.”We humans are social animals- news, newspaper, social media-insta, fb, weechat and tinder. These CEOs have cracked human malfunction as they are making money out of insecurities.

Yes -Tinder,Happen,ok Cupid and hinge apps built for dating . It’s basically an app available for everyone right under there nose tip. The youth have amazingly falling into this trap over and over again .

We are the generation of speed and we have successfully digitalized emotions. As I am saying this on the social perimeter – a dangerous place for a social animal perception. The youth have virtualized friends through various apps through which provides us the safe platform vent our emotions and some to listen to our frustration.

Is it because they are trying to find true love or to the fear of loneliness or under peer pressure. I think the answering is clear. Off course it’s for a mutifactorial. The two mutual ectoparasites coordinating each other. Youth are easily influenced by the current trend under the notion to be cool and following the latest fad.

And I would counclude that either get into a relationship or become a prey to get outcasted to loneless is the ritual of the current trend in this youthfull world we live in.

Thankyou for your patience in reading all this. This was the debate I prepared for in college with a help of a good friend

By the way the got third place in debate

I would love to hear your point of view 😉

©G. V Raghavasree