Picked on

These pages full of thoughts somehow grew up with me as the years turned pages of my life. Made me stronger at the thought but still why does it hurt when my thinking pen rewrites it again and again on the paper of mind. These sheets have overflowed with pain and tears but why do I pay my respects to it every year around the same time. I have burried this past within me sacred to the core. Hidden in these tiny cages and away from nightmares of known sympathy eye.

Did I not mature enough to let it go in order to move on with my life. Why am I carrying the burden of past into my present life. These unanswerable questions yet pester me.

Rot the living thought of happniess out my life on days yet I fool my mind into other activities. If my life was jotted down on a newspaper it would only have striking headings with incomplete sentences just like me unable to react to my situations. A curse of overthinking plays it’s part well as it is rewarded me with my constant silence to reality.

A silence that hid the darkest secrets from the lights of truth. It crumbled me from inside to out. But why am I punishing myself over the words of others who mocked my dreams and let alone my existence.

I learned to brick myself up in these doubtful thoughts. Stopped showing the soft side that was taken for granted. The side that suppressed me not only in others eye but mine too. How can I let others words walk all over me?

Well it’s just a mind rewriting the scenes of memory lane. It’s just a nightmare trapped in memories. Nothing but more…

These are not just words but the feelings of a bullied victim. Bullies find it cool to bully the weridos ,geeks and the outcasted forget me not ghosts. But no one knows how it effected them in ways they failed to express.

Give me your thoughts on this and if there is actually a cure to bullying to it

©G.V Raghavasree