Modern little red riding hood

As a kid I grew up reading fairy tales. Who would have knew that reality would have turned me into little red riding hood. Little Red riding hood went out into the woods all alone to face the big bad wolf but when ever I travel alone especially at night, I pray that I don’t have to see the big bad wolf hiding lurking in the hearts every man.

Years have passed by but my mother still warns me to wear proper clothes. Don’t talk to strangers. Never take food or drinks from others. Always carry pepper spray and your phone with you.

It scares the life out of me at times at the mere thought of what not to happen. The fairy tales my mother read me were maybe in the book but the adult life is so similar. Every girl traveling alone or working alone has the same fears just like the little red riding hood.

Perhaps it’s the fairy tales that tell young girls indirectly how cruel world is to through its stories that help us sleep well at night but never knew they would keep me awake at the thought of it as a adult….

©G.V Raghavasree

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  1. Agree with the words shared

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    1. dessertflower5 says:

      Yes dear. The world is not what it seems

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  2. Nice! Please visit my website too! Click here!

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  3. dessertflower5 says:

    Thankyou for dropping by. I will do🙂


  4. Though it pays to be careful its not right to breed hearts on fear alone..

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    1. Yes it’s not right. But the world is working differently. Thank you so much for dropping by😇🌸

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