Those eyes

Just a look into her eyes sends electric impulses through your body

When eyes are the windows to her sole

Than underlining them with Kajal and eyeliner is a underated bold statement

Those seductive eyelashes are the curtains to her sole

Those perfectly mastered nike symbol eyebrows are the current rods of her sole. Say what words can’t describe. They are bold, thick and curvy reminding me of the boss she is…

There is nothing wrong with enhancing the route to her sole with a bit of make up.

As long as they are smudge free and waterproof and most importantly wallet friendly to all the men out there

Hmmm.Don’t you think so ladies. A bottle of cosmetics can’t define your worth nor your beauty standards. Every woman is a package of odds, miracles and cyclones. Never let a man fall for the beautiful plastic mask of makeup. Let him see the scars that burned you into a fine women. If he can’t handle you at your worst than he doesn’t deserve you when you at your very best.

Simple as can be. These words are maybe from my thoughts….

Wondering what you thought of it

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    1. dessertflower5 says:

      Thankyou so much. Glad you liked it. 😇

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  1. Wow – charming read

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    1. dessertflower5 says:

      Appreciate your time to read my work. Your comment made my day ✨✨

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      1. My pleasure always

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    1. dessertflower5 says:



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