Adulturated dreams

Changed from time to time

The rope and the cuffs

Was it the tie or the scarf

The roll play or the classic

Different position every time

The camouflage of excitement

Sprinkled on passion

Words of posion down the ear

Seduction of kisses

Along the bend of neck

Beads of sweat rolling down

The occilations of heart beats

The instrument of hand at use

Deep in the valley of pleasure lake

The key and paddlock locked

With a single moto

Trying to unlock the doors of dams

Pleasure and pain working together

On this thin line of rope wire

In the salt and pepper of desires

A perfect combo

Hand in hand

Chest to chest

Lip to lip

Skin to skin

Burned together

For a cooked cliche of rhythms

In proper coordination of motion

And into the stars and galaxies of ecstasy

Ended with the bun in the oven

© G.V Raghavasree