Modern Man

I guess we are all living in the different levels of “Ok”. The path ahead is a deserted, lonely and troubled. These feelings are not just mine, yours but the entire modern men of 21th century feel this way..

The complexity of human minds astounds me beyond reasons of thought. Ridiculed in this puzzled riddle of life as we tend to gravitate to and fro over the same merry go round thought to short cut to success card.

Living in the mirage of fast life but at a slave to observing the world through the windows of social media, as redemption to drowning is the crimes of lacking self confidence, self esteem and living lies as we tend to make this licence to life a living hell not only to ourselves but to others too.

I can’t comprehend what the future holds for our next generation, as postive mental health is not a issue but the next very plague of the century that will screw mankind from the most intellectual species of the hierarchy to extinct species that walked this planet earth.

So I conclude this thought provoking thought by – what you feed your mind is what you become… a healthy human is someone who is mentally, physically and emotionally fit… So are you is the question I ask today? Leaving you to figure it out for yourself.

©G.V Raghavasree