J & R

Happily ever after

I know it doesn’t exist

It’s just a lie to take the risk

Got to guard your heart

As I know he is the perfect fit

This I bid to every Juliette

Looking for a Romeo

True love is not of Romeo and Juliet

True love is how our grandparents who grew old together.

Romeo and Juliet are the greatest plays of Shakespeare. But there is a other side of the tragic story. It was teens who went through sucide at the cost of immature love at a very young age.

Our generation revolves around the world of love and how students especially as low as highschool students are forced or living in this dilugion of true love.

Maybe Romeo and Juliet are the greatest romantic plays in the history but it was a horrible end. It should be considered as the end result of infatuation at a foolish age.

Don’t make the same mistakes as to correct our every mistake we don’t have time nor the emotional energy left in this fast life. Observe the mistakes of the past and surrounding as we don’t have the right amount of time to waste time learning from each and every mistake…

© G.V Raghavasree