One last time

If you ever want to understand me

You will find me hidden

In everything I write

Broken down into parts in every poem

At the very thought of you

In the sentence of life

Lost between trial and error

In the sea of confusion

And in the desserts of unknown

Days seems longer and nights seem shorter

As the world flutters by day after day

As I the spell this enchatment

Lost drowning in house arrest

Magically recreates itself

Fix me and tell me

Loud and clear that you miss me

Just live this moment one last time

Crying to our memories hand in hand

From our favourite hellos to the hardest goodbyes

We part ways until our paths meet again

Friends who miss each other

From buncking classes to our chai meet

Gossips to conference meeting in cafeteria

Mess food to our hostel room experiments

Midnight ghost Stories to birthday cake food fight

One day batting for exams to entire class cheating group missions

From becoming doctors to fighting over patients

Craving to teeth arrangement approvals

Department vivas to last minute submitions

A writer and the rainy days

That sold memories to tears

And here we go again

Though the last college photo album

Covid house arrest taught me the vaule of student life

To seeing everyone daily to just names in my contact list

But the best thing of them all was how strangers became a part of my family

Still I would do it all again without a blink of a eye

Dedicated to 2016-17 batch…

© G.V Raghavasree