Namestay !!!! My name is Raghavasree, a final year dental student .Odd may this sound I will happily welcome you to my world of thoughts under a voice of my freedom anchored to my blogs. I am trying to redefine the broken parts of our every day life we barely notice. Bring out the meaning to the other side of the bridge.

My work mostly consists of poems, small stories ,random thought provoking articals and some of my art . I have been blogging for 3 years straight now. Had my work published in a couple of anthology books and The Teen Pop magazine and with wordallure intell. I would like to keep a dying sprite of poetry alive. Its more than just words for me and it’s a emotions woven into verses of thought.

I am always on the look out to challenge myself.In blog you will also find my art,sketches and painting. I am just a armature and can proudly say that I am self taught. I have been working and developing on new forms of art. I have tried my hand at a bit of everything. Do check them out and feed back is always welcome.

If anyone wondered why I named my blog desert flower. Here is my answer . I think it best describes me and my life. You can find a rose anywhere but a desert flower blooms under the brutal sun, harsh dessert, without water and all alone.I am trapped to my circumstances to the beat the of life and lost to the reality of living. I think at the end of the day we are all fighting for ourselves just like the unscented dessert jewel.

Hope you enjoy reading the thoughts of this modern dessert flower. Good day 

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